If you’re in Sacramento, CA and experiencing problems with your garage door, it may be due to broken garage door springs. But why do these springs break in the first place? Here are a few common reasons:

  1. Age: Like any mechanical component, garage door springs have a limited lifespan. As they age, they can become worn out and prone to breaking.
  2. Wear and tear: The constant opening and closing of your garage door puts a lot of strain on the springs. Over time, this can cause them to become weakened and eventually break.
  3. Rust: If the springs on your garage door are not properly maintained, they may rust and become weakened.
  4. Improper installation: If the springs on your garage door were not installed correctly, they may be more prone to breaking.

If you suspect that your garage door springs may be broken, it is important to contact a professional garage door repair company like Paramount Garage Doors for assistance. Our team of skilled technicians can assess the condition of your springs and provide the necessary repairs to ensure that your garage door is functioning safely and efficiently. Don’t let a broken garage door hold you back – give us a call at 866-601-1539 to schedule an appointment in Sacramento, CA.